PARKINSON'S TESTIMONIAL - Shane - December 7, 2017
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CINDY J_Bladder Prolapse, Acne Rosacea, Degenerative Retina - January 15, 2018
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The Sizzlers Team TESTIMONIES ONLY Calls Begin - 2018!

#1 FEBRUARY 7, 2018: ROBERT ... CHRISTINE ... CONNIE ... ROBERT - February 7, 2018
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SITUATIONS: ROBERT: Improved After 3 Strokes ... CHRISTINE: Septic,  Pain, Weak, Couldn't Walk, Kidneys Functioning, Younger Appearance, Energy ... CONNIE: Brain Tumor, Improved Memory and Mood, Calmer, Balance, Gray Hair Gone, Clear Nails, Energy ... ROBERT: Sports Injuries, Tendonitis, Deep Sleep, No Pain, Remembers Dreams, Energy, Skin and Nails, Hair Thick and Black, Energy.

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - February 14

Hosted by Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: BOB MOTE ... LEN ... DEB JONES ... KAREN - February 14, 2018
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SITUATIONS:  BOB: hips, knees, ankle pain relief, energy, mental clarity, prostate ... LEN's 91-yr old mother: post-stroke, skin tags, hair darker, improved vision, better sleep, head bump smaller ... DEB Jones: post- knee replacement medications, diverticulitis, C-diff bacteria, pneumonia, suicidal with pain ... KAREN: migraines after car accident head injury, affected memory and cognition.

Bill DeFalco's  MUST HEAR Story

*MUST HEAR* Upline Bill DeFalco: Tells his AMAZING STORY! - November 18, 2017 Artist
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Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - February 21

Hosted by Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: DALE ... DR JERRY SHAW ... BARBARA T ... VALLEY - February 21, 2018
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SITUATIONS:  DALE: severe diabetic, cardiac, muscles with RIPT, energy ... DR JERRY SHAW: chronic infection, bad knee, Black Widow spider bite, better sleep, evergy, painful elbow resolved ... BARBARA TURNER: knee injury ... VALLEY: saggy neck skin, painful shoulder, energy, sharper vision, nails, hair natural color, aged dog.

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - February 28

Hosted by Bill Whitely & Daphe Begg: DOROTHY ... WAYNE ... MAY ... RICHARD - February 29, 2018
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SITUATIONS: DOROTHY, 98 yrs: on AGE Pill 7 months, sharp, energy, veins .. WAYNE: heart attack and Coded, lost 75 lbs, energy, strength, athletic .. MAY: energy, doesn't need naps, increased appetite, and losing weight. RICHARD: post heart attack, improved prostate.

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - March 7

Hosted by Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: BRAD ... MONECA ... SHIRLEY ... BILL ... CURT - March 7, 2018
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SITUATIONS: BRAD: broken nose healed quickly, cirrhosis, damaged spleen, blood work okay now .. MONECA: bad knees, pain gone, mobility, skin and hair improved, weight loss / dog energy and weight loss ... SHIRLEY, 78 yrs: brittle diabetic, neuropathy, no crises x 2 months, feeling back in feet, night vision improved, sleep, weight loss, skin younger for her and husband ... BILL: off diabetic meds ... CURT: sepsis, c-diff infection, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, gnarled hands, post-surgery jaw infection [WOW] for 3 months: No antibiotics, hands improved, looks younger.

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - March 14

Hosted by Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: HEIDI ... DONNA ... DAPHNE ... BILL - March 14, 2018
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SITUATIONS: HEIDI: Type 1 diabetes, neuropathy, shingles, now pain free with energy and mobility ... DONNA: chronic hip, sleeps great, energy ... DAPHNE: residual pain post-fractured spine and shoulder injury, no pain now, shingles, happy mood ... BILL: diabetic, now off meds, energy, clarity, doesn't need glasses now, chronic back injury, now resolved, hair growing back, old dog with energy.

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - March 21

Hosts: Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: JOSEPH ... JOANNE ... BEVERLY ... DAPHNE ... DONNA - March 21, 2018
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SITUATIONS: JOSEPH: BP normal, post-chemo neuropathy gone, skin glows, vibrant dreams, energy ... JOANNE: hair and nails, bladder infection-no antibiotics, husband's BP down, skin improved ... BEVERLY: has inactive pacemaker-normal heart rte, Had macular degeneration, energy ... DAPHNE: improved vision ... Donna: improved vision.

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - March 28

Hosts: Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: DALE ... MONECA ... DIANE ... CAROL ... JEMMA - March 28, 2018
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SITUATIONS: DALE: diabetic crisis, getting off insulin unusually early, RIPT and muscles ... MONECA: hearing restoration, cluster migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS, atrial fibrillation, anxiety, fx leg healing quickly, skin tags gone ... DIANE: energy, eyes, rib pain ... CAROL: energy, Transfusium and wrinkles ...  JEMMA: metabolic syndrome, vision, memory improved; friend: anxiety, claustrophobia, insomnia, itch, arthritis, HBP (high blood pressure).

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - April 4

Hosts: Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: BILL ... DONNA ... BEV ... BILLY ... JANE ... SANDY - April 4, 2018
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SITUATIONS: HYPERTENSTION. BILL: balance, mobility, hair grown in ... DONNA: tend to take feeling great for granted, skin younger, sleep, energy, old scar nearly gone, improved vision, age reversal ... BEV: soft elbows, pain gone, arthritic pinky finger now straight ... BILLY: dark hair coming in, energy, many floaters down to 1-2 ... JANE: hair thicker, skin soft, age spots diminished, plantar fasciitis gone ... SANDY: athletic lady even better with AGE Pill.

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - April 11

Hosts: Bill Whitely & Daphner Begg: DAN ... WAYNE ... MONECA ... GORDON - April 11, 2018
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SITUATIONS: DAN: stopped taking the AGE Pill, his advice: Do Not Stop Taking IT! ... MONECA: severe auto accident, knees damaged, quick recovery, does not now need surgery, looks younger ...  WAYNE: Massive heart attack, coded, had stents x 3, recovered, has lost 50 lbs, power-lifter, now lifting weights again daily taking RIPT ... GORDON: was very weak, can walk now, has emphysema, lung capacity has increased and no wheezing, mental clarity, less depression during manic-depression phases. 

Sizzlers TESTIMONIES ONLY - April 18

Hosts: Bill Whitely & Daphne Begg: SANDY WHITELEY ... Dr JERRY SHAW ... GORDON ... RANDY - April 18, 2018
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SITUATIONS: SANDY: Accident 30 yrs ago with residual, brain fog; since AGE dizziness and brain fog gone, strength and muscle growth, younger face and skin, boundless energy, Do Not Quite AGE Pill! ... DR SHAW: severe nightly leg cramps, now restful sleep, old knee injury causing pain and weakness, can now run, 3rd Black Widow Spider bite with very few symptoms ... GORDON: is bi-polar, now mentally sharper and in a super mood, calls AGE the "smart pill" ... RANDY: heel bone spurs gone in 2 wks, (L) knee pain gone in another week, hair returning color; wife with fractured femur, unexpected quick recovery.


Hosts: Donna & Dr Jerry Shaw: CINDY ... JUDY ... JEMMA ... DEB ... KAREN - April 25, 2018
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SITUATIONS: CINDY: pessary unnecessary, hair thicker, acne retina improved, Omega Plus: acne rosacea improved, sinuses draining, less allergies, better BMs ... JUDY: restless legs no more, less appetite, hair growing in thicker, husband Michael: allergies much improved, both with more energy and sleeping better ... JEMMA: 79-yrs. hairline hip fracture healed quickly, vision improved, did not get sick as usual over winter, moving about better and working out again with dance video, team member: unhealthy, now looking great and BP down, another team member with anxiety, claustrophobia and insomnia now with energy ... DEB: was so sick that suicidal, severe lung infection resolved after taking Avenger, in great spirits now ... KAREN: history of head injury then migraines, gone now, energy galore, pulled rib muscle, pain gone in 3 days taking AGE, now completing projects.


Hosts: Bill & Donna: BOB MOTE .. TRISHA ... BEA ... DONNA - April 2, 2018
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SITUATIONS: BOB MOTE (pharmacist): Tom Mower credibility and science, AGE x 3 wks with no pain in hips and lower extremities; wife with awesome energy .. TRISH (44 yrs) energy, deeper sleep, mobility, middle ears cleared, red bumps gone, skin glow and smoothness, fragrances no problem, detox through stools, lost 20#, hair shiny and smooth, mole disappearing, acne cleared, stamina and muscle tome; dog - skin tags less, eye cloudiness cleared ... BEA (60 yrs): improved sleep, mentally sharper, with recall; friends: strength, less depression ... LORRAINE: Rheumatoid Arthritis x 36 yrs improved with AGE and RIP, lost 6#, stronger ... DONNA: upper arms firmer with RIPT


Hosts: Bill & Donna: MAI ... DONNA ... KAREN ... ROSE ... MONECA ... BILL - May 8, 2018
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SITUATIONS: MAI: energy, no naps necessary ... DONNA: daughter and fiance in 2nd day more energy, better attitude, feeling younger... KAREN: energy, pulled muscle quick recovery, migraines gone, strong nails, gray hair much less; friend: diabetic candidate for dialysis, sugars from 600 to 125, skin cancer gone, neuropathy gone, new hair growth ... ROSE: could not grip L hand with pain, in 3 weeks on AGE had tight grip and no pain, much improved vision, recovering from brain damage that occurred after STATIN Rx ... MONECA: husband's severe toenail fungus resolved and normal nails growing in; dog pulled muscle, resolved in 2 days after AGE dose increased ... BILL: family dog poisoned and fading, quick improvement with Eternity and FuCoyDon 

Sizzlers One (1) Powerful Testimonial - May 16

Hosted by Bill Whiteley w/ Guest WAYNE - May 16, 2018
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SITUATIONS: WAYNE (77 yrs) had massive heart attack and coded. Friend insisted he take A.G.E. pill, rapid response. Has lost 75 lbs. Diabetic, tests now normal. Power-lifter, taking RIPT, can bench press 285 lbs. GREAT TESTIMONIAL!

Sizzlers Four (4) Fabulous Testimonies - May 23

Hosts: Bill & Donna: GEORGE ... JOHN ... WENDELL ... TERRY - May 23, 2018
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SITUATIONS: GEORGE: blind, 46 yrs, vivid colorful dreams, decreased back pain ... JOHN: wakeful, stronger, increased endurance, energy, mental clarity, increased sales, sense of well-being, feels 20 yrs younger; wife and son feeling better ... WENDELL: athletic 59-yr-old, knee inflamed, sticky eyeballs in morning gone in 3 days, restful with good dreams, improved knees; quick recovery after workouts with RIPT ... TERRY: facial lines disappearing, sleeps great, even better mood; friend: no acne with periods now, body reshaping, less shoulder pain.

Sizzlers Four (4) Really Good Testimonies - May 30

Hosts: Bill & Moneca: LINDA ... STACEY ... MICHELE ... WAYNE - May 30, 2018
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SITUATIONS: LINDA: pancreatitis, resistant diabetes ... STACEY: sleep, energy, focus, feels better / 80-yr old customer: doesn't now need care-giver, energy, clarity, can shop now, looks good ... MICHELE: was tired and no energy, quick response to AGE Pill, acne resolving, nails, great mood, constipation gone, energy, glowing ... WAYNE: (77 yrs) had massive heart attack and coded. Friend insisted he take A.G.E. pill, rapid response. Power-lifter, taking RIPT, can bench press > 325 lbs.

Sizzlers Fun Call Three (3) Good Testimonies - June 6

Hosts: Bill & Donna: JOANNE ... BARBARA TURNER ... BEVERLY - June 6, 2018
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SITUATIONS: JOANNE: hair growing, toenails now normal color, sleeping great; Husband: blood sugars now normal, has lost weight so no longer chubby ... BARBARA: knee atrophy, relieved with Thermerol ... BEVERLY (89 yrs): had lost husband, worn out and depressed, has pacemaker, has energy now, feels like her life is back, doesn't need crutches or confined to bed anymore, macular degeneration.

Sizzlers Three (3) Powerful Good Testimonies - June 13

Hosts: Bill & Donna: PATTY CAGNETTA ... MONECA BLACKWELL ... BOB MOTE - June 13, 2018
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SITUATIONS: PATTY: accident, depression, anxiety; on AGE x 1 mo - walked 5 hours with no pain, reduced inflammation; 25 yrs post head injury (WOW) short-term memory returned after 1 1/2 wks on Brain Viitality; after 6 days on RIPT no pain with exercise; husband with knee bursitis, 2 days on RIPT, no knee pain ... KAREN: 'chemtrail lung disease' causing cough, could breathe much better after few sips of Sisel Kaffe coffee; blood pressure is now normal ... BOB: since 21st on has needed not pain meds of legs; wife on 2nd day taking AGE had energy galore.