Francie's eyes after

2 weeks on The A.G.E 

Francie's hands after

4 weeks on the A.G.E. Pill

Carmel Kelly wrote

This is a photo of my husbands hand  after 8 weeks on the A.G.E PILL. 

This once sceptic is a TRUE BELIEVER! Cancer spots gone! 

Chronic Hay fever - suffered for 30 years disappeared

Just to name a few

Karen Hull says

Asked my husband to try A.G.E. and get his Perspective on how

he feels. Then he noticed when he does not take it he’s not as alert

or clearheaded or full of energy. Now I have to double up one bottle

for me and one for him. He actually is skeptical on this kind of stuff

but it changed his way of thinking and how he feels. Much better

and full of energy....that’s a double bonus!!! 😂🤣 Gentleman,

you will see & feel a change for the best!


Mary K Anderson

My Journey with AGE is amazing. Everyone comments on how well

I look, the psoriasis is greatly improved only knees and elbows now.

Joints particularly knee little pain. I have dropped 20pounds since first

of April. Have been on long enough reg dose am going to double this

month. I am told I have no cartilage in my hip. When pain for it started

it was excruciating. and slowly has improved to where it feels just sore.

Hoping the stimulation of Stem cells will help maybe I can get a miracle

and avoid a hip operation. I have evaluation in a couple weeks. But if

I need it I will have it and heal double time with AGE


Kate Brighton

Hi Im back. Max had a pet scan and we got the results yesterday.

Last report his cancer was in his lymph nodes and chest and lungs not

looking as good also with changes due to his cancer. We are so pleased.

His cancer is no longer in his chest, his lungs are great and his lymph

nodes have really shrunk. That’s not bad for a cancer that should be

progressing. Next time we hope we will have beaten it all together.

Oncologist kept saying CAN'T GET OVER HOW GOOD HE LOOKS.

Keith Wilkins is with Walter Zimmer.

April 8 at 4:32am

Walter the Herbalist and Naturopath ADHS. 
30 years ago I was given 2yrs to live. 50 years ago I had chemical

poisoning, massive stress and was overworked As a child I was

semi-paralyzed but refused to give in. Wouldn't wish my life upon

anyone, of course there are many worse than me, the pain and

suffering has taught me much about pain and illness.

My enjoyment in life has been helping others where no one else

was able to do so. I have had 20 yrs of kidney stones joint problems

plus. I had 5 yrs of no stones then crash 💥 BP 230/140 heart

disease, liver, lungs etc, I made a natural brew 4 large kidney occlusion

– had an ultrasound one stone left – lost 3 in three wks felt half dead.

Three wks after had 2 cataracts removed, long sight good but couldn't


I took 3 A.G.E pills last night, woke up 4.30 am, went for 5k walk

- forgot straps under knees for carriage pain- didn't notice they were

missing – no pain, walked at double pace, no kidney pain. A truck had

bogged in the back yard in wet clay. I had it towed out leaving massive

trenches, l haven't been able to do any shovel work for six months let

alone working in the rain for 2.5 hrs, got tired but worked surprisingly

well, was impressed, now offering muscle pain and stiffness to be

expected, but the heart lung kidney pain stamina was unbelievable.

I took 3 more A.G.E pills with plenty of water, and had a 5k walk.


I never thought l could feel so good again at 69 yes of age.

l'm actually stunned! Many thanks to Keith and Vonnie for

always reaching out to help me. Walter.

Tim Proctor

This is a testimonial from my friend Eleanor on her son using SiselRIPT ... he is a teenager that plays on his high school football team and wanted to get more muscular. I believe it is working!!

Hi Tim,
This is my sons progress using the RIPT. He has been using one pack

daily for about 2 months now. 
**picture used with permission

May 31, 2018 - LYMPHOMA

My name is Rose Withers.  I was admitted to the hospital on the 25th of February, 2018 with a liver count of 1565.  It is supposed to be under 50.  I could keep nothing down.  Numerous blood tests, ultrasounds, CT scans, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Biopsies  and a PIC line was installed.  I was told small b cell lymphoma and Lymph nodes in my abdomen, my liver and my spleen were all enlarged. I did not want chemo or radiation.  My husband went online looking for something to help me.  I started on Fu Coy Don and the AGE pill on March 21st, 2018.  On March 28th I signed myself out of the hospital.  On May 22nd, I had another ultrasound.  My liver looks good and so do all the lymph nodes.  My spleen is still enlarged and the doctor said it will take a while for it to shrink.  My doctor is shocked and impressed. 


I was concerned that I was losing my hair.  Since I have been on these products my hair is thicker, stronger and growing faster.  Even my hairdresser commented and asked me what I'm doing.


My husband started on the AGE pill on April 20th and is now growing hair where there has not been any for 25 years.

Max has come such a long way and improved so much on the Sisel products.  Who would have believed it possible.  His rheumatologist says he is so good.  Bloods have improved so much. The tests don't tell a lie. Doesn't he look great. 8 months on Sisel. How fantastic. Thank you Tom Mower, we are so grateful.

Hi I'm back.  Max had a pet scan and we got the results yesterday.  Last report his cancer was in his lymph nodes and chest and lungs not looking

as good also with changes due to his cancer.  We are so pleased.  His cancer is no longer in his chest, his lungs are great and in his lymph nodes have really shrunk.  That's not bad for a cancer that should be progressing.  Next time we hope we will have beaten it all together.  Oncologist kept saying  CAN'T GET OVER HOW GOOD HE LOOKS.

Melanie Ward

Elmer Glick and his wife Wilma who tirelessly has treated Elmer's leg

for three years is excited that his leg is Healing. Elmer, on February 3rd






Melanie Ward

April 9 at 11:08am · Gladwin, MI

It's unusual for a one and a half year old Beagle to place in large dog

field trials; combined with my husband's training and SupraOmegaPlus

our John Doe got his first ribbon in his second trial! I want to give him

Sisel RIPT, but, my husband won't let me! I also detox the dogs with

Body Shield and the Triangle of Life Everytime they get shots.



Melanie Ward

Yesterday I got some really awesome news!! Sisel is blowing my mind.

I have a dear sweet lady from church who initially decided to try Sisel

for knee and back pain. She said she is bone on bone with osteo-arthritis. After sitting with her and having coffee together forty- five minutes later, I asked her how she was feeling. She said she thought the coffee was working because she didn't feel anything. Well, we reviewed the Renovator, SupraOmega Plus and the CalK2 for her joints; Which was what she decided to start with.

Then, This dear sweet lady told me she had asthma. I said, to her well, allow me to show you what you can think about for future support; We reviewed the research I found on resveratrol and fucoidan for asthma and we covered the whole triangle of life and its health support. After seeing all that these products did she decided to jump all in and add the AGE in there. At first she wasn't feeling great affects; However, after following-up with her and coaching her on how to consume the products within a couple days the effects kicked in and she was feeling better. Much to my surprise I found out yesterday that her ANEURYSM SHRUNK!!! WOW WOW WOW!! She had an aortic aneurysm if I remember correctly! I love SISEL !!! I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE!!!! I HAVE BEEN RE-BIRTHED WITH A NEW FLAME WITH NEWS LIKE THIS!!


Kris Dykema

Avenger really does work BUT it can take 8 months to 3 years to

completely rid yourself of Lyme and some people will may never

completely get rid of it. I myself have been diagnosed as Lyme free

but I do not TRUST these sneaky spirochetes and I do still take 2

a day as a precaution. Also I don't just take Avenger I also use the

supraH2 water machine (I have some of them on hand for those

that want one) also Body shield and the triangle. Every person

responds differently. And most WILL GET SICK at first from the

Lyme die off so expect this.

April 27 at 11:13pm (below photos)

How marvelous can it be that in ONLY EIGHT MONTHS, it looks like Andrea has gone back in time 20 years


Doesn’t Andrea McKinnee look 20 years younger on The AGE PILL She says look at a comparison of my face about 8 months ago before using AGE pill. Started taking AGE pill the very end of July 2017. After photo taken today 4/28/18. Youth Restoration. It’s not just about looks. It’s restoring every cell in my body! Tom Mower

Aniko Szabo's hair client: "My client started AGE Pill in September 2017. He also uses Sapphire Shampoo and SkinDu on his scalp.

This is before and after photos form the AGE Pill"

Excited about The AGE Pill, the Age Reversing Nutritional Supplemental!

When I heard about this coming out the end of July 2017, I immediately said “I have to try it!” I had a knee injury the year before and had atrophy (knee protruded and would not bend back straight) so I was getting very nervous and scared that I would have to get surgery or stem cell injections…..

To my amazement, nearing 3 months taking The AGE Pill, I realized that my knee had bent back and was the same as the other!! I know The AGE Pill is to thank.

And of course as I approach 58, (the NEW 40 LOL) I am concerned about Ageing. I was looking pretty bad there for a while – when I lost my mother, I believe I aged 10 years in a month!

Recently, June 2018, I twisted the same knee by sleeping on my daughter’s sofa and I was in a lot of pain.

I rubbed some of Sisel’s Thermerol product and wow that burned through to the bone! But this is a “good” burn, and it did the trick. The next day my knee was back to normal.

I’m just really excited about Sisel having the first AGE reversing supplement that addresses glycation and lipofuscin. Grateful to have the possibility to not burden my children or grandchildren with my elder care, to live out my years being active and productive, to possibly live to 125 or 150 – or longer, and to share with others the Sisel product line, knowing that my daughters and grandsons will follow in my footsteps for life extension and nutritional supplementation are real and valid!

Barbara Turner, Maryland

Feb. 17, 2018

March 29, 2018

DOT HILL  88-year-old  retired Registered Nurse

Started with 1 A.G.E. Pill per Day. 

March 29  blood pressure: 134 /94.

Started the Gold Triangle of Life (FuCoyDon,

Eternity Spectra Maxx) 3/4 oz on empty Stomach

at Night and 3/4 oz on Morning on Empty Stomach. 

By 10 am  blood pressure: 119/70, and stayed.

Takes 1-2 Tablespoons FuCoyDon at night, same with Eternity and Spectra Maxx.

May 31, 2018